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Color arrangement is important in shop display furniture


The 20 seconds upon seeing objects, people’s attention to the shape of the object accounts for 40%, and 60% for color, and half and half after 5min.

The color of goods comes into custom’s eyes first, so whether the color combination is good or not affects customer’s purchase behavior. If various colors, we can arrange goods in rainbow color, and row high-gloss colors, such as white and black, on the left side. Besides, it is wise to arrange goods in increasing or decreasing brightness of color.

Moreover, different goods need to be displayed in different way. Shop display furniture must hold changes, and reorganize goods arrangement about 2-3week.

Especially when no new products come out, frequent changes of the goods arrangement is recommended. For customers, all the products are new at first sight, so samples need to be “refurbished” from time to time. Meanwhile, do not put customer’s preferences based on our personal preferences. A product cannot be well displayed, sometimes, product itself is not the reason, it is because the salesgirl dislikes it.

Shop display must comply with the principles of convenience: customers can make easy access in and out the jewelry shop. And make it convenient for them to make price comparison and select merchandise.