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Hello 2015!


Hello 2015!

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Do you know how and when New Year’s Day came from?

In about 5000 BC, the ancient Egyptians changed their nomadic lifestyle into farming, and settled down along the Nile. Whether the Neil inundated or not and its frequency greatly affected their agricultural harvest. According their long-term observation, they found that the Nile inundated regularly, they recorded the time on a bamboo pole, and turned out that the period between two inundate was about 365 days. At the same time, when the tide came nearby the Cairo City, the sun and Sirius rose from the horizon. Therefore, the ancient Egyptians made this day as the start of the year, this is the origin of New Year’s Day.

Wish you a good start of the year and everything goes well with you in 2015!