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How to make the wooden display furniture with grain


How to make the wooden display furniture with grain

When customize the display furniture,many customers like some style with grain. So some methods to make display furniture with grain is mentioning in this article.

Wood paper is one kind of paper that grain is printed on surface. During making the display furniture, when you choose the MDF or plywood as base material, then stick the wood paper on MDF or plywood by white glue . And then paint it to protect wood paper. The advantages of using wood paper is the simple process, cheap cost and natural wood grain. And the disadvantage is that only can paint according to the wood paper color, low service life and easy to dam. There are some factory in order to save cost they make wooden paper on display furniture without paint, and we also can see some low furniture do like this.

Veneer is the material that 0.5mm veneer stick on 3mm plywood. When make display furniture, you can choose the MDF /plywood /FR-MDF as base wood material, then according size to cut the veneer and glue by all-purpose adhesive, and then base paint. Depending on customs ` requirements paint the color. When finish the base paint then paint the environmental protection paint on it. The advantage is that grain is natural material with moisture-proof and wear resistance. But this craft cost more time and money .

If the wood material of your display furniture is MFC , it is flame plating grain by machine directly . The advantages are low cost and without paint smell. The disadvantage :  it cant be hit a snag on surface . So the connection is screw, it also cant be made in curved surface.

Solid wood is the wood material with grain itself. It was used after cutting and drying directly . solid wood can be made in perfect modelling. It is environmental and has long service life. but the processing process is complex and cost is high. The important thing is if solid wood sill retain humidity after drying, then when solid wood display furniture is finished in 1~3 hours, crack and nail explosing will happen.