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Structures of store showcase in shopping department


Structures of store showcase in shopping department

Complete & can`t be taken apart display furniture

All the original display furniture is complete and cant be taken apart . When this kind of display furniture not be used anymore , people put them aside or take them apart and take advantage of the useful parts again.

Whole set store showcase.

Draw on the experience of structure of nest of table of the traditional furniture in our country, make store showcase in same design but different size. when work the size of display furniture can be change depend on your requirements. And when free put the small in the bigger one and then another bigger one, finally the space of this whole set display furniture just same as the biggest one. This kind of display furniture spends less space when storage and transport.

Distinctive display furniture

In museum display an other special display, some display furniture is made for some special objects, this kind of display furniture is few in number but cant be without.

Cuttage grafting display furniture

This furniture consist of different size penal , they combine together through some sockets . And the general function is display stand,display rack ,screen and so on. It is easy to move away and store.