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Jewelry Showcase Bullet Proof Glass


Jewelry Showcase Bullet Proof Glass

Hi, what’s the Bullet proof glass?


Bullet-proof glass can withstand the tremendous impact of the shot. It’s difficult to be penetrated, so it’s very safety. Bullet-proof glass is usually made for the two layer of glass is sandwiched with a layer of transparent organic film, such as PUR film, which is formed by hot pressing. When suffer a large impact or severe vibration, bullet proof glass only cracking, will not crushed, also not crumble. In addition to the common double layer, but also based on the special needs of three, four or even more layers, jewelry showcase is a double layer of bulletproof glass.

 glass jewelry showcase 

What points should we pay attention to it during manufacture the showcase?


1) Select the factory that have excellent equipment and advanced technology. Cutting glass tools have to be advanced, so can ensure the cutting accuracy, so that make error lowest for each glass. If the accuracy is not high, the size of the two pieces of glass will not be the same, can not be aligned together.


2) Glass have to be toughened and choose the transparency high and high strength bulletproof film.


3) Finally details have to be attended to when processing, the glass must be cleaned, Once the glue is covered with dust, the whole glass is wasted; Pay attention to the protection of the glass, can not appear more obvious scratches; Try not to punch on the glass, because the process of tempering, the temperature is very high, easy to crack for prone parts and high rejection rate.


Of course there was more than just talk about the bullet proof glass during manufacture the store displays. Welcome To Jova your number one choice for the best store display furniture on the planet!