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How to carry out the showcase acceptance after production


How to carry out the showcase acceptance after production

When the showcase completed, the two sides should organize acceptance, so how to check? There are 3 steps to check the goods for we Jova.

The first step -- from a distance. 
See the overall effect of the design whether it is achieved. If the LOGO is not clear, light box screen is not clear, there is no visual impact molding, indicating that the realization rate is not high.
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The second step -- close look.
 Look at the surface, whether the paint or FR-MDF, light box, flat and smooth is the first and most important step; still see whether the corner is perfect; see glass, see if it have scratches, if use glass glue to connect, the glue mark is thin and smooth, if use UV-glue, will be no bubble and no mark ; see acrylic, if it is replaced by organic plastics, gloss or transparency are not so good; look at the screen, whether the definition is high; see lighting fixtures, whether is the appointed brand or famous brands; see the line, whether it is straight and orderly.
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The thirdly step -- to experience.

Open the door and smell, try the lock, try the slide on the smooth, and try the paint hardness, etc..

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